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Through optimal coordination of all the in the project involved parties along with exact deadlines, even large construction volumes can be realised in relatively short construction periods.


Through optimal coordination of all of those parties involved in the project, along with exact deadlines, even large construction volumes can be realised in relatively short construction periods.


Through the years of experience in the development of property projects, exact cost budgets can be calculated and adhered to.

achammer + breitenberger

We accompany your construction project!

For the hotel owner’s individual wishes and requirements achammer + breitenberger constitutes a competent team of experts with several years of experience in consultancy in project development and construction management.

  • Project Development
  • Construction Management
  • Consultancy

Through the consultancy team’s soild training we offer tailor-made project/client solutions and guarantee therewith optimum project flow and create the prerequisites for the sustainable success of our clients.

Project Development

Construction Management

Consultancy services

  • Development of Business Plans
  • Bank-sound feasability and conceptual studies
  • Organisation of architectural competitions
  • Development of touristic projects
  • Investment appraisal
  • Determination of costs and construction coordination
  • Implementation of the awarding phase, contract phase and construction phase
  • Project supervision in the finalisation phase
  • Hand over of the construction project
  • Assistance in promoting and financing
  • Financial analysis
  • Hotel property valuation
  • Long-term Hotel Performance Management

Optimal coordination.

Adherence to deadlines.

Cost certainty.

Your strong ally - from the very beginning.

Project phases


Starting from your initial idea, we develop a concept of long-term strategic development and the future continuous development of your hotel. Based on detailed preliminary discussions with the business family and operational analysis, we will create bankable feasability and conceptual studies which serve as the optimum basis for the successive project phases.

Planning coordination

Once the medium to long term strategic development with clear positioning has been defined, we organise and supervise architectural competitions in which several architects compete to create a primary draft subject to the clearly defined criteria such as product, space and areas.
In addition to the clearly defined expectations of all planners, on to the continuous supervision during the planning phase, in this phase all of the details for the tendering of the various disciplines and the subsequent construction phase will be defined.

Offer and placement phase

Alongside to consultancy with regard to execution details, the whole project gets broken down into a series of tendering processes in order to achieve the best possible price-performance ratio. For all of the various disciplines involved we obtain several offers, evaluate and compare them, perform the negotiations with bidders and sign contracts with the excecuting firms.

Construction phase

In the construction phase we organise and coordinate all the parties involved in the project in order to guarantee the optimum construction workflow. In this way adherence to the predefined construction deadlines are guaranteed.

Settlement phase

Once the construction is finished and the hotel is already operational, we accompany the planners and owners during the accounting phase of the project.
Upon request, we also provide hotel-owners with consultancy subsequent to this phase in order to assist in attaining the strategically defined goals in the businessplan.

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